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Free The Girls x WHACKD Altruistic Arts NFT Collection

WHACKD Altruistic Arts NFT Collection


The Altruistic Arts NFT collection is dedicated to raising funds for the charity:

Free The Girls -


We Pledge 100% of the lifetime royalty payments from all secondary trades to Free The Girls. 


You can track the exact amount generated for 'Free The Girls' by checking the wallet address below.


ETH 0xbE867818205B45041A3F58E9a3e39b8B4eB36ed6


Official Sponsorships

MMA BlackBelt Cage Fighter - William Wolk


The first WHACKD Warrior to don our logo in the ring, fighting for John McAfee's legacy! 


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Official Partnership

The 'White Rabbit' Project


The ‘White Rabbit’ Project is the P2E Metaverse project officially authorised by John McAfee.

With aims to be the world’s highest rewarding Play2Earn game with a multi-year roadmap, holders will be able to party with John’s McAfee's avatar, on an exact replica of John's Yacht "The Great Mystery" & Surrounding Island.

Built with full AI GTP3 engineering, the avatar will walk & talk just like the man himself.

We hope he likes you.


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Contact us: [email protected]